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Hello and thanks for dropping by my website!  My name is Capt. Rick Stanczyk and I’m a fishing guide in Islamorada, Florida.  I fish out of the world famous Bud n’ Mary’s Fishing Marina located at MM 79.8 in Islamorada.  You can find out more about me here, though for a quick synopsis… I was born in 1982, grew up fishing here, and have lived in the Keys for almost my entire life.  I mostly fish in the backcountry which consists of Florida Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, and Everglades National Park… though I do also on occasion fish out on the ocean side in the shallow parts of the Atlantic Ocean.  You can find out more details about my fishing charters here.  I run a small center console style boat capable of taking up to 3 persons out on 4, 6, or 8 hour trips.  I’ve done this for a living, full time since 2008. My specialty is tarpon fishing, however certain times of year we aren’t catching those very often so I focus on other types of fishing.  On this website you will find my daily updated fishing reports during ‘off’ tarpon season, which is usually November – February.  I will still try to update on a weekly basis during tarpon season, and day reports when we are fishing for other things, though you can also check out my other website Islamorada Tarpon Fishing for daily updated reports during that time.  If you are interested in booking a fishing trip please contact me!  If I am unavailable, or you need multiple boats for your group party,  I work with plenty of other well qualified captains that do both inshore and offshore fishing here in the local area.


Capt. Rick Stanczyk
305 – 747 – 6903

P.S. For daily updated tarpon fishing reports, look at http://www.islamoradatarpon.com


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Tarpon in August

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8/11/17 August Islamorada Fishing Report

August is rolling by quick and we are still absolutely killing it with the tarpon.  The summer time fishing has been nothing short of epic this year.  We’ve been averaging almost 3 fish a trip, and have only had a handful of days we’ve ‘struck out’ since the beginning of June.  Much better fishing than last summer that is for sure.  So far this August we’ve landed 24 tarpon in 9 trips, and only had one day where we didn’t get one (we had a bite, just missed him).  I have a few days open coming up real soon, then going out of town Saturday for 5 days or so, then I have plenty of availability towards the end of the month starting on the 23rd.  The tarpon fishing can still be good through October, and it’s a slower time of year down here so you have the place to yourself.  We’ve also bagged several nice size triple tails while tarpon fishing too… seeing them float by in dirty water and casting to them is fun and requires some skill to get it done.  Big sharks have also been keeping us busy in between the tarpon action.  Today we landed 4 tarpon, a couple were big ones in the 65 and 90 lb range, followed by some little guys in the 15-20 lb range.  Had several more eats too but they just didn’t stay on the hook sometimes those little guys are tough to keep on there.  It was an absolute blast and just a gorgeous day out there.  If you are interested in fishing down here the next few months let me know, business is slowing down and as I said fishing can still be very good.  I’ll likely have availability short notice and in September can usually even give you a little break on a multi-day trip plus usually get a good deal on a room staying at Bud n’ Mary’s.

P.S. Follow my daily updated Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Blog here.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

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7/28/17 July Fishing in Islamorada

July is almost over it’s hard to believe but here we are!  Fishing has been pretty great we’ve had a very good summer fishing in islamorada which is nice.  Most people don’t realize that some of the best fishing the Keys has to offer is July through October.  The crowds are generally gone, you have the summer weather so conditions are usually good (warm, calm), and plenty of fish are still around.  The heat is the only negative but I usually like to leave early on my trips and you can often get your good day worth of fishing done in the first few hours and come in a little early if you desire.  Tarpon are still the big draw for me here through the summer.  August is often a great time for them still, and as I’ve been telling people last year our best tarpon fishing of the year was in September and October as far as consistency and numbers went!  Both June and July we had very good tarpon fishing.  We were averaging a little over 2 fish per trip, which is pretty good.  Normally you are happy to average 1.5-1.75 fish a trip, and anything over 2 or more you are doing well.  Many trips we’ve landed 3 or more fish, as you get the hungry ‘summer time’ pack fish, where you can often have multiple hookups in a short amount of time.  The fish are generally smaller in size (30 – 60 lb), so you can catch ’em quickly and hook more before the bite dies down.  Also the fish can be caught all throughout the day especially in the everglades, some days you just have to put the time in to look for them.  Aside from tarpon there has been a good bite of trout and mangrove snapper in the bay.  Snook fishing hasn’t been quite as good as it was the last couple summers, but it’s been very buggy back there due to lots of rain we’ve had, and we haven’t quite had the summer time bait run that we did the last few years.  But still we’ve been catching some when we’ve tried.  If you are wanting to get down here and catch tarpon or anything else, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.  It’s easy to get something book short notice for the most part.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

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6/23/17 June Islamorada Fishing Report

June has rolled by quickly and summer time tarpon fishing is in full swing.  That is still my focus this time of year and really all through the summer into September and even October.  This last month the fishing hasn’t been quite as consistent as it was in years past… really that’s been the case the last two years.  While this June was much better than last June by the catch numbers, it’s often been very ‘hit or miss.’  Meaning we’ve had days where we’ve done very well and caught multiple fish in a spot, then gone their the next day and not found a thing.   Most days we end up fishing hard and hitting multiple spots and usually end up finding a tarpon or two, but a handful of days we’ve been skunked though we’ve caught plenty of sharks while doing so to keep us busy.  Anyways fishing gets much more tough when things aren’t consistently reliable – instead of going to 1 spot to hook 3 or 4 tarpon, we are going to 3 or 4 spots to hook 1 tarpon.  This last week for instance we’ve had 3 separate days where we’ve landed 3 or more tarpon when we’ve gotten into the right spot, and in between those days we’ve had one day where we caught none, and a couple days where we only caught 1 each day.  The fish just seem to be moving around a lot though I’m hoping as we get into July the bite will get more consistent and fish will stay put in the channels for periods of time, rather than moving in and out by the day.  I haven’t been doing much else other than tarpon/shark fishing, though we did have a good day with snook about a week or so ago.  We landed 30 or so snook, 3 redfish, and on that day caught 4 tarpon… it was the last nice calm day we had – as it’s been blowing 15-20 or more all week since then, even getting up to 30 one day.  Unfortunately that’s had the bay all churned up the last week, so another reason why I think the tarpon have been a little more hit and miss.  Usually we have calm weather through the summer which means the water gets nice, clean, and pretty and the fish are usually much happier.  Hopefully as we get into July and August that will be the case.  Right now I have about half of July available for trips if anyone is looking to go.  It’s one of my favorite months for tarpon as the crowds die down and the everglades fishery usually turns on!  You often don’t see another boat out there as you battle the silver kings.  We also have good trout and snapper fishing in the bay if you are into that, sometimes you can mix and match fishing options if things cooperate well during the trip.  Anyways drop me a line if you are wanting to get out this summer!

P.S. For daily updated tarpon fishing reports, read my islamorada tarpon fishing blog.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

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5/11/17 May Islamorada Fishing Report

Whew time is flying by this year it’s already mid May and we are getting into our ‘summer time’ tarpon fishing.  This is by far my favorite time of year for fishing here for tarpon… when the winds calm down, the weather heats up, and the crowds leave!  Tarpon fishing can be good all the way into October, last year as a matter of fact our best months were September and October believe it or not!  Though that isn’t to be expected, June, July, and usually a good part of August are still typically very good.  Tarpon has been what I’ve been after mostly the last couple months.  Fishing has been good overall, better than last year but not the best that I’ve ever seen.  Right now the full days are where it is at, as I’m making the run into the everglades national park to fish tarpon a lot of the time.  That usually takes an hour, and sometimes one tide is better than another, so having the full 8 hours gives you the opportunity to fish both in various areas.  We are just coming off the full moon which mixed things up a little bit, especially since we had a late cold front about a week ago too.  The fish are moving around a lot, we had a banner day yesterday and made it look easy, whereas today we struggled to catch a couple fish at the very end of the day finally!  It should get more consistent though as we get away from the moon and the weather stabilizes for good.  Hopefully it’s not like last year where it was windy all through the summer… that was terrible!  So far though May has been good overall, and I only see it getting better.  June is usually one of my best overall months for tarpon fishing, and July can be close behind it.  I still have quite a few days open in July if you are looking to fish, and don’t forget about the ‘fall bait run’ we get in October…  As I said last year October was one of the best months, and nobody was here at all so you really had the fishing all to yourself.  I am still dreaming about that last year it was such a fun month to fish here…

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

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