10-5-13 early October fishing in Islamorada Florida Keys

It’s that time of year here now where we catch a little bit of everything. We are starting to focus more on reef fishing compared to the summer and early fall months where we head further offshore. The last few days in Islamorada we have caught a lot of different species of fish. One day on the hump we caught a bunch of blackfin tuna and skipjack tuna, as well as a big dusky shark. Then we came back to the reef and caught a few snappers, king mackerels, cero mackerels, and yellowjacks. The next day we went to the hump but the tuna’s didn’t cooperate as well as expected, but we did catch a couple and turned one into a nice hammerhead shark which we released. We also caught some nice snapper while bottom fishing on the way in to the reef. Back near the reef we fished a couple wrecks and caught a bunch of yellowjack and then released a lot of bonitos and rainbow runners. Yesterday we went out swordfishing, and we missed one sword bite, but did find some dolphin (mahi mahi) on the way home and caught 8 or 10 and kept 6 of them. The next few weeks we should start seeing a lot of more king mackerel, black grouper, sailfish, and snapper while fishing the reef and wrecks.

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

Author: Capt. Rick Stanczyk

Capt. Rick Stanczyk is a locally born and raised charter fishing captain in Islamorada, FL. He caught his first bonefish when he was 3 and has been 'on the water fishing' ever since. He loves what he does and enjoys showing his clients a great time fishing in the Florida Keys. Contact him at 305-747-6903 or rick@fishingislamorada.com!