11/29/16 November Fishing in the Florida Bay

Got out today for just a half day, we were suppose to fish all day but had a little bit of engine squirliness and didn’t want to stay out longer.  Anyways luckily the service shop will be able to get me in quick to check things out.  We had a great morning though the spanish mackerel bit their tails off we probably caught close to 30 in just a couple hours.  We did have to run a ways almost an hour back into the near gulf.  Winds were cranking at 20 knots southeast, but we were able to run the shoreline and get a straight shot down sea to the mackerel grounds, so it really wasn’t too bad especially in a larger boat like mine.  The fishing out there should stay pretty good for a while now, they don’t mind the wind and like the colder weather.  I’ll be taking the boat in for service Friday and then may be repowering or hopefully just tuning it up and getting another year out of the motor.  Though if anyone wants to go fishing I have another boat on standby, drop me a line!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk


Author: Capt. Rick Stanczyk

Capt. Rick Stanczyk is a locally born and raised charter fishing captain in Islamorada, FL. He caught his first bonefish when he was 3 and has been 'on the water fishing' ever since. He loves what he does and enjoys showing his clients a great time fishing in the Florida Keys. Contact him at 305-747-6903 or rick@fishingislamorada.com!