About my 1977 SeaCraft Charter Boat

This is my boat which I use for most of my islamorada fishing charter trips!  She is a true classic in the boating world and 70s SeaCrafts are highly desirable hulls.  In 2012 I had her in the shop for over 6 months getting everything from the ground up redone.  Then I had it refinished again in 2017.  The work is impeccable!  The ride is unmatched for a 20 footer with the nice and heavy fiberglass hull, and brings truth to the saying “they don’t make ’em like they use to!”  The floor is all one level, no step up in the bow so it’s much more fishable and easy to walk around in rough waters.  She has comfortable fighting chairs which are flush mounted, a great feature not found on many islamorada bay boat charters. They also turn around 360 degrees so you can sit in them and fish the front or the back of the boat.  The boat features a skinnier console that is easy to get around and has all necessary electronics and storage space, plus side rod holders.  A very large 40 gallon live well that seals when full with 3 water levels depending on the amount of bait we bring.  This is nice too because you can fill it to the top and prevent sloshing around of the water which keeps bait much healthier and fresh.  The transom is filled in with a bracket on the back, giving room to fish back there and get around, plus the bracket makes the boat ride more like a 23 footer and with the additional jack plate we can cruise over shallow water without digging mud or chase fish/bait up into the shallows.  Spray rails around the bow help lower the amount of salt spray we encounter on rough days when your florida keys backcountry fishing.  All lights, rod holders, and cleats are flush mounted.  Powered by a Yamaha 4 stroke 200 hp engine with 2 people can reach 45 mph but we normally cruise 30-35 mph depending on conditions.  She has one of the latest (2016) Garmin Chartplotter/Sounder combination units that includes satellite hi-res imaging of the backcountry which is super useful for finding tiny channels, runoffs, etc… in the everglades, as well as Hi Definition bottom & side scanning sonar.  Many of today’s guides have overlooked the advantages of having an advanced sounder with these capabilities, and the side scanning sonar helps you see fish from up to 500 feet on either side of the boat which is very useful for species such as tarpon.  She was also recently upgraded with a 36 volt Minn Kota i-pilot trolling motor – perfect for fishing shorelines and structure when you want to be able to fish and move silently.  With the GPS functionality we can also silently anchor the boat without deploying a traditional anchor, and move around with the push of a button if we see fish close by.  Also an additional power pole is great when fishing the shallow bays and channel run-offs to stop you quickly and quietly.  If you are worried about getting beat up in the traditional ‘flats skiff’ while on your dream florida keys fishing trip then think about taking a ride in this!  I often fish the patch reefs, the gulf, bays, cape sable, flamingo, and more on days when many other boats can’t even think about it.  It’s also got a shallow enough draft you can hit a lot of the shallow spots for species such as redfish, snook, bonefish, etc… on fairly low water which is often a good option for great fishing.  Come see why a SeaCraft is such a legend in the boating world!

Give me a call  at 305-747-6903 or email me at rick@fishingislamorada.com!